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    We need help! We have all these incredible products and we just want everyone to know about them! And that's where you come in...

    What do I do?

    In a nutshell, bring people to our website. We have so many cool things, we just need to get them out there. So, if you see a product on our site that you really like, post a link about it on your social media / blog / tail of your personal jet and send people to our website. Easy!

    Why would I do that?

    Because whenever anyone follows one of your links and buys something, we throw some money at you! It's that simple. They don't even need to buy the thing you pointed them at - if they browse around and see something else that they like and get that instead (or even better, as well) then we still throw money at you.

    Sounds good, I need a little more detail though?

    That's smart, good thing you can find all the finer details here in our Affiliate Terms & Conditions.

    Ok I'm in, what's next?

    Firstly, register an account with us. When you've done that, click the affiliate link in the top right and follow the instructions. You'll get your own affiliate ID which you put on your links so we know it's you sending people our way. Then, find things you really like and post about them.

    I’m an influencer, can you send me free products?

    With our affiliate programme you don’t need the physical products, simply use our Gift Dog generated content and drive customers to our site; rather than receiving a free product you can earn real money instead! Of course, if you’d like to create a truly unique product review, then you are welcome to; just purchase the item and generate your own creative content…and don’t forget to include your unique affiliate ID in the shop links!