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    Flirtatious Period Unisex T-Shirts (Forget the carbon, Small)

    65 million years ago there was a time that paleontologists missed, a time when dinosaurs used any means to survive… the Flirtatious Period.

    Celebrate this forgotten world with our playful T-shirts featuring all of our favourite dinosaurs, these cheeky characters and their questionable pickup lines are a fun gift for all dinosaur lovers, available in four humorous designs.

    Made from 100% luxury cotton, our T-shirts are soft and breathable so they always feel as good as they look, great for lounging or dressing to impress. All our T-shirts are printed to a high quality and are machine washable, these dinosaurs won’t be wiped out…

    This tee is just the right balance of flirty and outrageously geeky! Featuring a pair of incredibly detailed Stegosauruses in blush pink and sky blue, this cute couple share a morning walk through a historic autumn forest. This quirky design is finished with a witty illustrated joke “Forget the carbon, let’s move straight to the dating”.

    Size: Small

    Chest: 46cm
    Length: 70cm
    Arm: 16cm